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Adult Classes Schedule


Welcome Sundays 9-10AM!


Bible Study: Faith in Action - This study in Matthew, Daniel, Acts, James and 1 Timothy explores the twofold nature of faith as belief and action. Our actions both as individuals and as communities demonstrate our faith in Christ. Led by Kay White. Meets from Sept.-May in Room 6.


Anabaptist Essentials - A study on the book “Anabaptist Essentials”, intended both for those new to Mennonite understandings as well as those who are familiar with them. Led by Fred Martin and Peter Sprunger-Froese. Room 9. Meets Jan.-Feb.


Coming Soon:

Coming in April- Bystander Intervention- Ever want to know what to do when you observe a bad situation. What if you are the target? Julie and others will be leading a class based on MCC's curriculum for effective responses. Be prepared for teaching, discussion, role playing, and sharing of past experiences.