Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Job Description: Church Administrator
Beth-El Mennonite Church, November 29, 2017
BMC Covenant: “Together with the Beth-El faith community, I will seek to follow Jesus.”

Purpose: To facilitate the effective functioning of church programs and ministry, as well as to support the ministry of the pastoral team.
Reporting & Support: This part-time, hourly position (24 hrs./week) reports to the Pastor, draws support from the Pastoral Congregational Relations Team (PCRT), and receives oversight from the Beth-El Leadership Team (BLT).

Essential Qualities or Qualifications

1)Demonstrates an ongoing personal and communal faith commitment to follow Jesus Christ, as envisioned by the Beth-El Mennonite Church covenant.

2) Values prayer—Prays for the congregation on a regular basis.
3) Models healthy and safe boundaries in relationships with all members, attenders, and visitors

as he/she represents Christ to the community.
4) Demonstrates a humble spirit, willing to listen, learn, and work well with others.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. 1)  Gathers, maintains, and communicates information necessary for working with leadership to carry out the various ministries of the church.

    1. a)  Maintains appropriate levels of confidentiality.

    2. b)  Participates in weekly staff meeting.

    3. c)  Assists Pastors & Children’s Ministry Director in scheduling and carrying out ministry- related meetings and events.

  2. 2)  Engages a wide spectrum of people from Beth-El and from the broader community while using healthy, hospitable interpersonal skills and maintaining clear, appropriate boundaries.

    1. a)  Communicates and coordinates with people and groups from inside and/or outside the

      Beth-El faith community who seek to connect with Beth-El and/or use the facility.

    2. b)  Supports the building and facility team.

    3. c)  Encourages volunteers and thanks them for serving.

    4. d)  Submits to background security checks as outlined in the Child Safety Policy.

  3. 3)  Promotes the values, mission, gatherings and institutions of Mountain States Mennonite Conference and Mennonite Church USA.

  4. 4)  Accomplishes tasks in Appendix A, and works in coordination with the Pastor to update Appendix A as needed.

Appendix A - Primary roles

  1. 1)  Information Management: Collect, Prepare, Publicize, File, & Back up

    1. a)  Oversee production of bulletins, newsletters, church directory, & annual report

    2. b)  Maintain calendar of events and facility usage

    3. c)  Serve as Master Admin for CCB (web-based database)

    4. d)  Manage congregational mailboxes, emails, postal mail, & evites

    5. e)  Manage process for keeping attendance

    6. f)  Send out Worship Planning Sheets

    7. g)  Send out minutes & reports, as needed

    8. h)  Serve as liaison between ministries & departments

    9. i)  Maintain website & mobile app

    10. j)  Assist with registration for congregational events, such as Church Retreat

    11. k)  Manage background check process, records, and renewal schedule

  2. 2)  Receptionist

    1. a)  Greet and screen visitors to the office

    2. b)  Respond to inquiries for information, & direct persons to others as appropriate

    3. c)  Communicate and interpret policies, as appropriate

  3. 3)  Outside Groups

    1. a)  Maintain relations with one-time and ongoing groups who use our facility

    2. b)  Create a Facilities Use Planning Sheet for each group; also arrange for Techs, Event

      Overseers, Custodian and Kitchen requests

    3. c)  Explain room changes to groups as needed

  4. 4)  Facility & Grounds

    1. a)  Supervise Custodian

    2. b)  Support Building, Grounds, & Security Ministry Leaders

    3. c)  Arrange Annual Inspections (ex: fire alarm, backflow, piano tuning)

    4. d)  Disburse keys and codes, maintain list of key holders, & program key pad

  5. 5)  Supplies Management

    1. a)  Place orders for staff and the various ministries

    2. b)  Maintain equipment & supplies for the office